Monday, April 22, 2013

The Power of Positive Psychology

With Aussie politics heating up and the usual slanging matches and constant talk of our exploding deficit it seems to me that there needs to be more talk about positive policies and positive communities. 

As a global community we have endured some tough times of late.  What tools did we have available to us to cope with the GFC?  And what tools will we and our future generations have available to cope with growing unemployment, stressed businesses, unaffordable housing and terrorist attacks.

Wellbeing and positive psychology are important key elements to a happier existence and tools that enable us to “flourish” as individuals and as a community as a whole.

So what about at a business level?  What are we doing as business owners, managers or employees to foster wellbeing and positive relationships in our workplace, our colleagues, peers and with ourselves. The GFC showed us that we are absolutely part of the global economy and that our thinking in business needs to change beyond our front yard. 

What policies have you implemented in your own day to day functioning to cope with global crisis and what positive habits or tools can you tap into to cope with these. 

Need more information?  Checkout Professor Martin Seligman’s website here


  1. I agree. I would much prefer to hear politicians focus on what they can do not on what the other party can't do.

    I try and get my children to see the positive in things when sometimes they just can't get things to work the way they want them too

  2. There is always room for compromise and healthy debate is welcomed . Resilience , empathy and integrity is what I aspire to both in my personal and professional life


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